Tuesday, May 28, 2019

What makes a great movie :: essays research papers

Great movies do not always have to be something that at one time strikes a viewers interest. They can be based on a subject you have always disliked, or have not previously watched because the sheer filming and cinematography could become of great intrigue. Special effects, which play on peoples imagination, a noteworthy soundtrack, scenery, and camera angles, can sacrifice a movie spectacular. Movies that relate to real life events and touch the audiences hearts through strong emotional appeal also attention create good movie standards. The truth is what most enjoys seeing as sometimes it can be overwhelming, frightening, irrational, tender or idiotic and people cacoethes to watch a good parody. Films have to be understandable, provide insight into all characters personalities and roles, and quotable. They can be something that sparks laughter, helps us grow, terrifies, or solely entertains. We do not want to have our time wasted or feel that seeing this movie could have hurt us by impede us from another more important or enjoyable activity. Both of us enjoy movies with an exciting storyline or seriously cool opthalmic effects. A movie does nothing for the audience if the acting is amazing but the story is lost in the first five minutes. Good acting is some(prenominal) appreciated but with out a decent plot, it really has no true impact. Furthermore, movies will generate particular moods and feelings and certain films are more fascinate for, lets say, dates than for a guys night out. Altogether, we think originality and creativity are movie musts along with surprise, climax, and emotion. Ones that are different to the normal teeny bopper or fulfil packed Vin Diesel films are much appreciated. Audiences do not enjoy seeing repetition in movie themes and plots with the only significant difference beingness the cast.

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