Friday, May 24, 2019

Dust Mite Resurch Paper

Dust Mite I am the common North American Dust Mite. I live al just about(prenominal) in every house in the world. more or less people do not even know that I am living all over at that place home because I cannot be seen with the naked eye. I love to live in houses that consume lots of dust because I thrive in these kinds of conditions. I mostly eat doomed skin flakes that diminish from humans liven in the house. I am generally two hundred and fifty to triad hundred microns in length. That is real small that no one can see me without using a strong microscope.I build eight comate legs that I use to travel in the house to find dead skin flakes to eat. When I eat dead skin flakes I generally ease up waste droppings which have a protein that many people be allergic to. When people go to doctors whey they are sick and the doctor tells them that they are allergic to dust. The doctors just foundert want to tell the patients that they are allergic to my droppings. I mostly spen d my time inside a mattress because that is where most of the dead skin flakes are.They are mostly there because people spend a lot of time lying on the mattress sleeping where they just fall off. The scientists have decided to give me my own scientific name. My own scientific name is Dermatophagoides farinae. When I start my day the jump thing I do is go around the house to try to find dead skin flakes lying around the carpet or inside the mattress. Most people dont know that they are sleeping on top of millions of little tiny dust mites. When the female lays eggs, the little baby dust mites are first a larva.Once they have grown up more then they look like regular mites with there strong shells. After that I have found the skin flakes I start to eat them. Hundreds of my friends come with me to find and eat skin because we are all hungry to eat. We dust mites never go away alone we always go to find the dust and skin flakes in big groups because it is always to go in groups becau se we feel safer when we are in groups. Most people dont know that a used mattress contains an estimated one hundred thousand to ten million dust mites inside.One thing that most people find that is real nasty is that ten percent of the weight of a two year old pillow is accumulated by dead dust mites and their droppings. We dust mites are every where we can find dust which are full of dead skin flakes. Many people are revolt after they learn how many dust mites are inside your bed or in your house in general. We dust mites have a really busy life. We dust mites look pretty gruesome. A dust mite has eight hairy legs, no antennae, a mouth part group in front of the body and a rough translucent shell.If you put all those characteristics together you got a fearsome appearance. We might be microscopic but we have many characteristics. If we were bigger many people would be terrified of how gruesome we look. People are not scared of us dust mites because we cannot be seen by them. pic N orth American House Dust Mite Scientific name Dermatophagoides farinae Between 250 to 300 microns in length In a used mattress mingled with 100,000 to 10,000,000 mites Works cited http//www. ehso. com/ehshome/dustmites. php http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/House_dust_mite

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