Saturday, May 11, 2019

Entrepreneur - link literature review theories to real life Essay

Entrepreneur - link books review theories to real life entrepreneur - Essay ExampleThe so called killer phrases are in any case sometime referred to as one of the real barriers behind the process of yeasty thinking. However in baseball club to overcome these barriers to the creative thought process, resources are required which might accept the right attitude adopt by the entrepreneur.Creativity and innovation are probably the two ways through which entrepreneurs make unlikeness in the world. This assumption of having creative and innovative entrepreneurs is establish on the fact that every entrepreneur has accredited personal traits and motivations and key element of this is their ability to put their efforts and endeavors behind it. Probably the most innovative and creative endeavor of entrepreneur is his ability to create capital. (Thompson, 1999). By adding value and creating capital, entrepreneurs basically transform their business activities in the larger good of the so ciety. It is largely believed that the success of entrepreneurship therefore base on the personal traits of the entrepreneur which include his ability to be an intuitive thinker and innovator. The notion of creativeness and innovation is associated with the process of entrepreneurship because of the fact that creativity is often considered as the personality trait of the entrepreneur. (Thompson, 2004). This approach tends to focus on the role of people in developing creative and innovative enterprises. Many researches have suggested that the competitive advantages which entrepreneurs enjoy over their competitors are based on their internal resources. These internal resources are often linked with knowledge based resources which are last linked with the innovation and creativity of the entrepreneurs. (Mosakowski, 1998). These knowledge based intangible resources flourish creativity and innovation in entrepreneurs. However these knowledge based intangible resources

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