Wednesday, May 29, 2019

U.S. Marshall Matt Dillon as the Ideal American :: American Culture Essays

U.S. Marsh exclusively Matt Dillon as the Ideal AmericanThe old-west lawman is an American hero and represents the ideals of American society. He is nowadays thought of when one contemplates strength of character and other fine qualities. As an irreplaceable part of American tradition, his characteristics are looked upon as a model to all other Americans. Much of what is known about the old-west lawman comes from stories of fiction one of these being the radio program Gunsmoke. Matt Dillon, a U.S. Marshall, plays the lead role in this favorite American radio series. In each episode he beats the odds as he protects his home of Dodge City. Demonstrating the qualities of the old-west lawman, Matt Dillon, of Gunsmoke, is trusting, respectful, and courageous. flat with all that is bad in the world, Dillon is still quick to trust. Unlike so many others, who automatically believe the worst about people, Dillon easily trusts a persons word. In the episode Potato Road Dillon gives Budge the benefit of the doubt even though he seems a little fishy. In the episode Robber Bride Groom, Dillon allows sea dog and Laura, both of whom he had arrested, to leave town, because he trusted that they would do what is right. To support Dillons judgment, the listener is given no reason to consider that Jack and Laura wont stand up up to Dillons expectations. Even when others arent willing to trust people, Dillon is there to defend. For example, in The Liar from Blackhawk Dillon justifies his trust in the gunman traveling through town by formula Hes a paid gunman, but Ive never known him to lie. In Dillons eyes everyone is innocent until proven guilty. This trust allows others to trust Dillon - if he has trust in you, why shouldnt you have trust in him. Respect if something you must first give before one can receive it, and U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon lives by this principle. In Potato Road when Dillons sidekick, Chester, helps him save themselves and the town, Dillon is quick to give credit to Chester. Dillon himself is humble as he thanks Chester for his quick thinking and hard work. It could be considered easygoing to respect people who have just saved your life, however it shows trust strength of character to be respectful when someone is insulting you. Dillon displays this strength in Robber Bride Groom when Mr. Reeves demeans Dillon and his position as U.

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