Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Future of Nursing in an Evolving Health Care System Research Paper

The futurity of Nursing in an Evolving Health C ar System - Research Paper ExampleThe field recommended nurses to marriage the talks regarding the transformation of healthcare service economy by giving them a greater example and control in making reliable and effective decisions (RWJF, 2012a). The main objective was reforming the healthcare delivery approach, and ensuring patients trustworthy better and reliable care at much lower costs that they could afford. To make service delivery more affordable and efficient, nurses had to be the focus in all deliberations they are much closer to patients in healthcare facilities. Such were the proposed strategic decisions to transform the future of breast feeding in improving healthcare delivery. The IOM report on the future of Nursing was of much importance to the nursing profession. Nurses have varying levels of statement and competencies violent from the licensed practicing nurses, who in most cases are in contact with patients in n ursing homes, to nurse scientists who are actively involved in research work on how to improve the care of patients and improving the nursing profession. The IOM report considered all classes of nurses across education levels, roles, and settings in envisioning the future of the profession ( represent of Medicine, 2010). ... states, with regulations related to the scene of practice defining what activities a qualified nurse has to perform, all which affect unlike nurses in different ways (Institute of Medicine, 2010). Moreover, the recommendations of the IOM committee sought to improve the nursing profession by recommending that nurses had to achieve higher levels of education and training by going through a much-improved education system with seamless academic onward motion (Institute of Medicine, 2010). This was aimed at ensuring nurses are better equipped to deal with the rapidly changing patient needs, which are suitable more complicated. By advancing their academic levels, n urses would be better equipped to deliver high-quality care with competencies much(prenominal) as leadership, system improvement, health policy, and research and development being injected in the nursing profession. According to the Institute of Medicine (2010), the purpose of the Future of Nursing Campaign for Action intended to guide the implementation of the recommendations by the Institute of Medicine report on the Future of Nursing Leading Change, Advancing Health a report that was considered a blueprint in the medical sector. It was taken as the roadmap for future direction and actions in the nursing sector, towards making the recommendations of the committee a reality. The campaign aimed at enabling and preparing the nurse to lead changes indoors their areas of operations, advancing and improving the nursing education, removing barriers in nursing practice across the states, fostering an effecting interprofessional collaboration among various stakeholders, enabling an infr astructure for data collection in interprofessional healthcare staff, among other reasons (Institute of Medicine, 2010).

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