Friday, May 10, 2019

Personal Responsibility Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personal Responsibility - shew ExampleStudent B is saying, The exam was very difficult for me, and I will non be surprised if I get an F, but, I should have known better and spent more eon revising instead of playing video games. Both cases are of course hypothetical nevertheless they represent common phenomena in schools wherein some savants take responsibility of their actions (B) and other(a)s like A want to abscond this. Ultimately, by accepting responsibility B has identified the problem hence has an idea of how to rectify the situation in posterity. A, on the other hand, might fail more exams in the future since he is not willing to take responsibility for his inactions and blames a third part whose errors he cannot rectify. This essay discusses the role of own(prenominal) responsibility in students, as well as some of the strategies they may use to improve their chances of achieving succeeder in their various field of study. It is the onus of every student to ensure t hey come up with the better(p) plans and strategies, so they can guarantee their academic success. For a student to come up with these strategies, it is imperative they pose into musing starting signal several factors, have the strategies they want to use been used before in connatural circumstances? If so, were they successful? They could also consider the resources in terms of time and academic resources, so they draw strategies, which they will be able to execute from within their budgeted time, and other resources. The past is also an important consideration when it comes to strategizing before one makes any plans to improve themselves, it is crucial they consider what lead to their lackluster or clean performance in the past. A student conjureing to see real improvement must first do a thorough post Mortem of the past performance, in order to identify the weak points in past plans and avoid repeating them in the new strategy. Student may apply the following are strategi es to improve their performance They should take to account the encyclopaedism styles which provide them with the best results this is the souls preferred orientation toward learning (Bulut andYukselturk, 2007). Some students learn through class discussion others through listening in class and other by active research where they seek out the answers for themselves the student should hence apply whichever technique, or combine of techniques, that works for them and hence adapt their plan to the most suitable learning theory for the best results. The student directly takes personal responsibility for their performance through setting personal goals, since they dictate, autonomously, the kind performance they wish to achieve. Operating in any situation without predetermined goals is analogous to running a race without a finish line. As such goals are a vital aspect of any accomplishment in academic pursuits, they can be measured in a number of ways depending on individual students s uch s Grades, or personal fitness and other forms of self-improvement like, read two books a week. Goals should be specific, measurable, and students should write them down and ensure they are in a place where they are seen daily, so they are a constant reminder. One should also have both long-term and short-term goals, the latter, which alleviate them evaluate their

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