Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Hello My fellow classmates Essay

1.You have a friend who is of Jewish heritage however, she has no religious belief. She asks you why, if God is good, He permitted the Holocaust to happen. What would you promulgate her?2.You want to convince your professor that the reading load he has assigned is too heavy, given that you also have to write a research paper. You argon asking him to eliminate one book from the class assignments so that you can concentrate on your own research.3.You are writing an article for a theological journal arguing that heaven and hell must be understood as literal, physical places (as opposed to metaphorical or symbolic states of mind).4.You want to prick exercising for 30 minutes per day, but your spouse doesnt want to. How would you kindly convince your spouse to join you?5.You are reviewing a book disseminated sclerosis for a university press. Although the book is skillfully and stylishly written, you think it may obscure or leave out some important facts that need to be microscope stag eed out. How would you point this out (without suggesting the book is bad and shouldnt be accepted)?

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