Thursday, August 8, 2019

Sales Management - Report on Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Sales Management - Report on - Case Study Example The company may wish to examine changing the bonus structure from an annual structure to a quarterly method to enhance motivations for those extrinsically motivated. Research indicates that there is another poor performer in the sales group, Robert, who may also be reliant on extrinsic motivational rewards. Based on all statistics and qualitative evaluations of performance, it is recommended that Concorde develop a training program that focuses on cost controls, lean ideology and production surplus to assist salespersons in reducing expenses that are contributing to a low average gross margin. Jose, especially, requires empathic yet assertive discourse about his performance to motivate and inspire Jose to take responsibility for his sales leadership deficiencies. Concorde and Associates, a company specialising in the sale of computer peripherals to major computer manufacturers, achieved a marginal increase in sales which only surpassed sales forecasts by one percent. During the formal performance evaluation period, the regional sales manager began an investigation into the performance statistics of the sales team to determine which were over-performing and which staff members under-performing. Jose, a sales representative from the Arizona territory, had fallen short of achieving the sales expected in his established sales quota on three of the four main product lines offered by the company. Jose was the largest under-performer in the business, which requires a critical assessment of what strategies should be employed to improve his performance and, if appropriate, other salespersons not achieving expected performance goals. This report highlights what might have contributed to Jose’s poor performance, evaluates other salespersons that might have moderate performance issues, highlights the approach that should be taken to fairly and accurately evaluate Jose’s total performance and provides

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