Thursday, August 22, 2019

Imaginative Staffing as New Yorks Temporary Services Firm Essay

Imaginative Staffing as New Yorks Temporary Services Firm - Essay Example Team selling can be defined as utilizing the full resources of a company to sell an account through all their relevant decision makers (Waterhouse Group, 2007). Imaginative Staffing should incorporate a team selling system. This system will bring more flexibility to the sales force. Employees will benefit from the feedback they can provide to each other. A sales representative assigned to a major account will be able to provide the client with more customer support and the lines of communication will open up. Such an environment will be enhanced the relationship and increase in sales should follow. The sales team in Imaginative Staffing should include all the employees. Direct involvement from the CEO, the CFO, and the sales director during the presentation are necessary, especially if the potential client is big. In order to successfully implement the new team sales system, the company needs to provide training for its employees. The appropriate training modality for this company is a combination of initial and recurrent training. Initial training should be provided to the CFO, the administrative assistants and to the receptionist. These employees probably have limited exposure and experience working in sales. A standardized training program is the most suitable solution for them. The sales director should provide the training. Some of the methods the sales director can utilize are lectures, discussion, and web-based training. The sales representatives, account managers, the sales director, and the CEO need a recurrent training program. The most appropriate way to provide recurrent training is through decentralized training. Decentralized training includes activities such as: It is essential to establish clear objectives when designing a training program. Three important elements to take into consideration when designing a training program are: reinforcing skills learned, assessing training needs, considering buyers preferences.

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