Sunday, August 18, 2019

Advanced Technology and the Society :: essays research papers

Advanced Technology and the Society Have advances in technology helped to create a lazy, detached society? The truth is it has. It becomes more and more advanced that the inventors do not even know what to do. They run out of ideas but they make a new one and then ten more come out of just that one idea. Advances in technology have helped to create a lazy, detached society because, people say: why do this if we have it all in our hands, everything is already there. People think it is cool to have all the gadgets that are new and advanced and easier to do things with, but it is actually making the society more lazy. For example, the society now has e-mail and instant messengers to commun- icate with, they do not want to write letters anymore, that shows that the society has become lazier. Since the society has this to help them communicate they send an e-card through e-mail rather than making a letter of their own. Also instead of driving down to a little family get together, the instant messenger gets in the way because it seems easier to communi- cate with. Another example, is that now a days the society has telephones, cellphones and even camera phones to help everyone communicate.When someone invites another person to a birthday party the person that gets invited makes up an excuse saying they can not go so they just call and say Happy Birthday. Also when someone wants to meet someone else they just text messages or call each other instead of going for a walk. These are some examples that really reveal how lazy and detached the society has became as technology advances.

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