Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Biographical Synthesis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Biographical Synthesis - Essay Example Death was inevitably his favorite topic in both his poems and short stories. During his life, Poe experienced severe social isolation. These feeling of isolation started when his father demised or disappeared about the time of his sister’s birth. His sister’s name was Rosalie (Patrick 20-22). The family then relocated and Poe was isolated from his older brother, who was left with relations in Baltimore. During those younger years, he found his mother in the final phase of tuberculosis. On her demise, he was then isolated from his younger sister, Rosalie. Another major low point in Poe’s life was the demise of his surrogate mother, Mrs. Frances Allan, and his surrogate father rejecting him, all happening at one time. The most important setback to him was the sudden demise of his cousin, whom she had married-Virginia Clemm. This solitary loneness was the cause of almost all of his feelings of separation in his adulthood. He was attacked by a fit of apprehension that made him believe that almost everyone he become close to would eventually die. The topics of isolation become inherent topics in his work (Silverman 12-19). William Wilson is a short story which tells of a man and his doppelganger, which runs after the man around the universe trying to keep him away from trouble. Poe created his character to represent his own accounts of boyhood, which was he spent â€Å"a large, rambling Elizabethan schoolhouse, in a misty-looking village of England† (30-33). The setting of William Wilson is undoubtedly semi-autobiographical and passes as relation to Allan Edgar Poe’s home in England as a boy. â€Å"The misty-looking village of England† (30-33). The poem A Dream within a Dream explores the difficult process o saying goodbye to a loved one. Poe wrote this poem after the experience he went through after losing the women he had affairs with. In Poe’s mind, he perceived

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