Monday, July 29, 2019

Summary of Genesis 27-45 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Summary of Genesis 27-45 - Essay Example The passage generates two major phenomenon; irony and radical reversals. Irony is seen when characters are extremely deceptive and end up earning privilege rather than punishment. For instance, Jacob deceives his father, Laban to Joseph and Rachel to Jacobs’s family. Irony and radical reversal too is evident when Jacob the lastborn is blessed instead of Esau the firstborn as it is the tradition. Esau receives lesser blessing in addition to being excluded from the covenant forever. This passage is important as it shows humanity that choices have consequences. Esau lost his inheritance for choosing a bowl of soup; Rachel suffered for hiding the idols and Jacobs brother suffered for selling in Egypt. This passage reveals world division by way of binary opposites, initiated at the creation story. Just like male opposes female as per the creation story, Jacob and Esau are absolutely different in everything right from their occupations, behaviour and appearances. Another pair of binary opposites is Rachel and Leah both struggling for Jacobs affections. Oppositions are also seen in intangible elements like the match between man and God, contrast between famine and abundance. This passage is important as it shows the Gods way of working with humanity. It shows how God creates realms of contrasting reversals, symbols, and forces to suggest through whom and how His covenant is to be

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