Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A comparison of wine cultures between United Kingdom and Hong Kong Literature review

A comparison of wine cultures between United Kingdom and Hong Kong citizens - Literature review Example They further stated that the production of food and wine is a global phenomenon. Varriano (2011) added that wine had manifested its uniqueness in the culture and history of food and drink that first started in the ancient Greece and Rome civilizations. It is further essential to almost all forms of religion as they use this in their worship (Deutsch and Saks 2008). Today, the wine industry is rapidly growing along with the rise of the globalization (Anderson & Nelgen 2008). Indeed, wine has played a significant role in the lives of wine consumer’s way back in the past and up to the present. According to the work of Estreicher (2004), wine has played an essential role in the foundation of Western civilization. He further added that wine is a magical special ancient alcoholic beverage due to its associations with gods and religious and spiritual traditions. Sanchez (2008) further added that wine is considered by the ancient people such as the Greeks, Romans, Cretans and Egyptian as their daily commodities dated before Christ. These people are used to conducting grape brewing in their respective households. In the ancient history of the invention of distillation, wine is considered to be the best and most effective antiseptic. Furthermore, it is also considered as one of the most in-demand commodities for trade in the early Western civilization along with vine. Therefore, wine can be cited as a very significant in terms of religion, medicine, and trade (Estreicher 2004). Such notions and claims are further supported by the article of Squicciarini and Swinnen (2010) as the authors had revealed that, even back in the old times, wine has been used by the ancient people in several ways and within different purposes. For instance, in China, Chinese folks are using wines for spiritual purposes. This is also the same with the Indian people in which they used wines for

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