Saturday, July 27, 2019

Rainwater Harvesting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Rainwater Harvesting - Essay Example Furthermore, the tanks have a 15-year warranty and use up-to-date technology to ensure the water is safe for human consumption (JFC n.p.). The availability of different sizes makes the system ideal for areas without water security. The installation process is cost efficient as the tank can be backfilled with pea-gravel instead of backfill. Furthermore, the assembling of the tank can take place on-site, and the assembly instructions provided eliminating the costs of hiring a crane. The Stormsaver provides high-quality rain harvesting systems at competitive prices. It provides its services for domestic and commercial use. Testimonials from users of the system argue that the installation has halved their water bill, and the installation budget is small. According to John Thorne, the Stormsaver System cost  £2,500 and an extra  £5,000 to install (Stormsaver n.p.). The plant reduces domestic consumption as the water covers toilet flushing and sprinkler systems. Furthermore, the company offers free servicing, maintenance and installation, reducing the cost of purchase and

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