Sunday, July 28, 2019

Role of Unions and Human Relations Management Personnel Research Paper

Role of Unions and Human Relations Management Personnel - Research Paper Example This disadvantage results from the strikes which are undertaken by the labor unions for different reasons at different intervals. The decisions to go on a strike, for the acquiring of improved working environment or wages, involves many such social and professional factors which can be a big harm to the performance of the organization and employees. Moreover, the creativity, achievements and good performance of workers is not rewarded. Due to the strikes and labor union activities, the underachievers are also paid for their services same as the high performers. The union workers are normally hard to be fired, so they decrease the productivity as well as the profit potential of the organization. One of the other factors is that these unions make the individual employees lose their freedom of speech and the strength of voice in the organization (Baccaro, 2008). The human resources management personnel are the major people to be playing the contributing role in binding the people of the organization together. They organize various activities through which the people in the workforce of the company come together and work with each other. Through this process, they come to know about each other in a better manner. When the new employees are inducted into the organization, they are welcomed and are made to know the other people of the company by the human resource management officer. All the breaks, free time and leisure is managed by the HR relations officer and the productive relations, proper association and communication of colleagues with each other are assured by them in a better manner. The employee relation s manager plays the role of a link or a connection between the management and the employees within the organization. He is even responsible to collect the information of the labor unions to assist its activities and collective bargaining roles. He also makes the employees

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