Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Fast-Food Industry in USA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Fast-Food Industry in the States - Essay ExampleDespite the positive side that fast-food restaurants enjoy with regard to sales and revenues, they have to a fault received a fair share of criticism. Most of the critics against the industry focus on the negative health effects that go along with consumption of fast-foods. Fast food chains hit the headlines after consumer groups, standardized the Center for Science in the Public Interest claimed that products from the industry had worrying amount of fats, caloric guinea pig and portion sizes. Tragically, Animal rights activists state that animals in toil plants spend their entire lives in extremely bitter conditions. Little fresh air, pasture and natural light were also sighted. On the same note, animals in strong Animal Feeding Operations are regularly kept on antibiotics that for a long clipping now have been linked with the cause of antibiotic resistance in humans after move use of fast foods.After immense pressure fro m consumers, McDonalds recently harbingerd that it would scrap out the sales of meat treated with human antibiotics. The move gives McDonalds a strong competitive advantage over opposite fast-food chains like Chick Fill A, Wendys and Burger King who are yet to publicly announce the implementation of such a program. The move is also welcomed by the public who have long advocated for production of antibiotic-free meat from fast food chains. It is now a guessing game for market analysts as most now purport that consumers will begin showing bias towards McDonalds antibiotic-free products.

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