Saturday, April 27, 2019

Axon company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Axon company - Essay ExampleIn 2001 they leading business consultancy Bywater and broadened its offering in the management consultancy space, delivering strategy, process and organisational transformation programmes. In the US in any case they have acquired several SAP consultancy firms including TUI Consulting Inc, atomic number 61 HR Solutions Inc and Zytalis Inc. Axon now has offices in the US, Asia Pacific and Europe and turned over more than 137.5m in 2006 and their clients include Transport for London, The AA, Xerox, Birmingham City Council, BP, Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, Goodrich Corporation, Air Canada and Aquarion.Their three lines of business include business consulting division, solutions implementation division and applications management division. They cater to sectors ranging from aerospace to retail and telecommunications to oil and gas. They address emerging issues like address emerging global issues such as electronic commerce, industry convergence, worldwide al liances, virtual organisations and corporate citizenship.The market environment for such consultancy firms is robust with growth but not all succeed due to the prevailing market forces. An abbreviation of the industry, the market forces and the economy relevant to the company would help to determine the future prospects for Axon. Besides, any company is also governed by the regulatory issues and this too contributes to the success of the organization.The consulting industry has experienced sizeable growth and enviable profits. Consulting operate generated approximately $120 billion worldwide during 2004 and the future is promising as well (Mark, 2006). This is due to unlike factors that govern the industry. Industries like health care, financial services, energy, retail and IT have all exhibited phenomenal growth. In the agonistical environment firms are increasingly hiring consultants and offering excellent compensation

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