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Corporate social responsibility Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Corporate accessible responsibility - Dissertation ExampleCorporate hearty responsibilityMoreover COSCO business practices illustrate practices that are fruitful for all (stakeholders, shareholders, workers, partners, suppliers, customers) (COSCO, 2011). In terms of social contributions COSCO is working on the principle of addressing workers to effectively participate in their community development, with its myriad activities are line up and performed in order to participate in social growth and employees are as well as encouraged and support in this regard. For instance COSCO in Singapore have been supporting Yellow Ribbon Project consecutively since five years, keeping in view that this projects has given employment opportunities to person who have been offenders previously by engaging locals in order to give them another chance. As a result COSCO is proud of the accompaniment that many ex-criminals are now back serving societies (COSCO, 2011). Similarly in China COSCO group i s precise much fulfilling its duty of social responsibility by providing opportunities and supporting various education programs for needy students in China. For instance COSCO Zhoushan Shipyard devised a social activity by the name Transfer Y erupth love, warm Tibetan Herdsman. The core purpose behind this activity was to provide assistance and help for the needy Tibetan students in remote areas of Tibet. Likewise Blue ocean plan love Tibet launched by Trade due north and youth league of Nantong Shipyard which consists of three main parts namely seagugll, seashell and dolphins was drafted in order to build a structure of support (long term) for the needy children of Tibets. The core aim behind this activity was to ameliorate literacy levels by donating basal school needs like bags, uniforms, books, toys, stationery and other material that is needed by students (COSCO, 2011). Besides these activities COSCO in like manner provide help in terms of disaster relief and various other activities related to charity. COSCO is precise much aware of the environmental issues and understands the seriousness of the matter. Therefore various innovations have been carried out by the government activity in order to come up with practices that could less effect the environment. For achieving this goal, different innovations are being carried out like the concept of GREEN SHIP OF THE FUTURE. This concept enables staff and workers to come up with eco friendly ideas and practices. As COSCO is very much keen on practicing and devising designs of ships and operations of management that best suits environment or are environment friendly (COSCO, 2011). LITERATURE REVIEW Corporate Social Responsibility Guthey, Langer, and Morsing (2006) have define Corporate Social Responsibility as a practice of management that is garnering importance and nowadays is also considered as fad of management. Meanwhile it is believed that businesses around the world have incorporated CSR differentl y or CSR practices pull up stakes around the world. For instance many organisations have perceptions that CSR is an effective tool that can help confining risks and cost related to business operations (Hockerts, 2008). But only very limited amount of organisations are utilize CSR effectively in order to come up with originality and innovations. Likewise Blum-Kusterer and Hussain after studying 150 British and German pharmaceutical companies believes that in order to achieve sustainability in innovations, advancement in technology

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