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Diabetes type 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Diabetes type 2 - Essay Exampleinactivity, gamy distribution (excess fat in the abdomen), age (above 45 years), race (African Americans, Asian Americans and Latinos among other natives), pregnancy and prediabetes (higher than normal blood edulcorate level). This paper will discuss two treatment methods of diabetes type 2 and the professionals involved in these treatments.With over 2.9 million of UK population being diagnosed with diabetes, and there being no cure for diabetes, an effective treatment aim is necessary and which should be followed. The two common methods of treatment of this disease are monitoring the blood dulcify level and using medication. The first treatment method is the use of medication. This treatment method is mainly for those who cannot hold up a reduced blood sugar level or their condition has advanced. Some of the diabetes medications prescribed includes metformin (which is aimed at lowering production of glucose in the liver), glipizide (aimed at stim ulating the pancreas to release more insulin) or acarbose (that prevents enzymes from faulting down carbohydrates in the intestines). Other than these medications, there is also insulin therapy which is administered through injection and its advantages is that it works rapidly and lasts long-dated (Spencer and Hughes, 2005).Monitoring of the blood sugar level requires a change in the lifestyle (as some of the assay factors are associated with lifestyle). This will require the diabetes patient to constantly exercise to burn off excessive fish around the abdomen area and in order to also reduce weight generally for those considered grave when a BMI (body mass index) is conducted. Healthy eating is also required which means eating foods high in fibre like whole grains, plenty of fruits and vegetables. A reduction in the intake of carbohydrates, sweets and animal products in general is also one of the treatment plans. It is also important to lay off stress or factors causing or per petuating stress as well as reducing alcohol

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