Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Rationale and Analysis for Agency Selected, Essay

Rationale and Analysis for Agency Selected, - Essay Example Currently, the agency is being administered by Julian Castro, who is the U.S. secretary of the HUD agency since 28th July, 2014. According to United States (2013), there are some Key Historical Events of the Agency since its formation in 1965. The table shown below summarizes the date an important enactment was made and its function. These are as tabulated below. The mission statement summarizes what is entailed in the HUD department with well spelt out and articulated cut outs that enable its operations. The mission is spelt out as shown in the paragraph below. The mission of the United States Agency of Housing and Urban Development is to create sustainable, strong and affordable, quality and inclusive communities homes for all. This agency is working towards ensuring that the housing market is strengthened (Senate Report, 2013). According to United States (2013), this federal agency is principally charged with the responsibility of programs dealing with national housing demands. It also ensures that the housing opportunities are fair and that the nation’s communities are developed and significantly improved. This agency was created to undertake the following functions: The agency seeks to ensure that the principal programs of the department are administered with the objective of extending assistance on matters pertinent to housing. The agency further provides assistance when it comes to national communities’ development. The agency partners with localities and different states in its quest to promote community development and housing. These partnerships ensure that service delivery is effective, fast and efficient and is done in accordance to the clearly stipulated mission and objectives. They tap the power derived from synergy. Another important function of the agency is to promote optimum contribution through mortgage lending firms and rigorous private-based homebuilding. These may be in the

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