Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Addressing Passive Smoking in Children Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Addressing Passive Smoking in Children - Essay Example According to the article, PS exposure in children is one of the contributing factors for morbidity and mortality. The article is also associated majority of the disabilities in children with lower respiratory infections that are caused by PS exposure. The health effects of PS in children included a high risk of respiratory infections, asthma as well as wheezing. According to the article, PS exposure in children is very high in Dutch, and it mainly takes place at homes. The statistics provided by the authors of the article showed that children below the age of 4 are the main victims of PS exposure (Hutchinson, Kuijilaars, Mesters, Muris, Schayk, Dompeling, & Feron, 2014). The aim of Hutchinson and his colleagues writing this article was to assess the practices of three Dutch health professions concerning parental counseling for PS in children. They used electronic questionnaires in conducting their cross-sectional study. The samples for the study that constituted of 720 physicians were selected from three Dutch health professions located in Limburg, the Netherlands. This was achieved by inviting the physicians’ representatives to complete self-administered electronic questionnaires that had questions on their gender, work experience, and personal smoking habits (Hutchinson et al., 2014). Other issues that were addressed in the questionnaires included their counseling practices as well as education about PS in children.

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