Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Core Benefits of Converse Chucks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Core Benefits of Converse Chucks - Essay Example When being produced in the USA, Converse, a company based in the USA, could observe quality control better. The second risk is a loss of control over the Converse product to a certain extent. For example, Indian products might not have the same appearance as an original American product. The first benefit would be the globalization of the product. Instead of selling a product to only Americans, the Converse brand can sell worldwide. The second benefit would be cheaper production in India. Â  marketed its products in approximately 110 countries outside of the United States through subsidiaries, branch offices, independent distributors, and licensees. Non-U.S. sales accounted for 31% of total net sales in 2000. (CVEO Corp.) Â  4. Identify 5 sources of brand equity for Converse and Chuck Taylor AllStars? Basketball shoes are one source of brand equity for Chuck Taylor AllStars. The history of Chuck Taylor AllStars is another source of brand equity. The affordability of Converse is a source of brand equity. The retro/rebel image of Converse is a source of brand equity. Finally, the durability of the brand name is brand equity. Even though Converse went through bankruptcy, the name is known worldwide and in almost every American home. Â  5. Research the current position of Converse in the marketplace. Has it changed strategy since the case was written? If so, how? If not, why do you think they haven’t? Support your answer with an explanation and a source from online research. I believe that the strategy since this case was written is being brought to fruition. Under Nike’s leadership, Converse is growing and thriving.

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