Sunday, September 8, 2019

On Medical Surgical Type II DM Patients, How does RNs Obtaining Their Research Paper

On Medical Surgical Type II DM Patients, How does RNs Obtaining Their Own Accu Check Findings Compared to Nursing Assistants Obtaining the Accu Check After Timely Insulin Delivery - Research Paper Example The paper will also focus on the organization culture, expected outcomes of the solution, methods used to achieve the outcomes and the impact of these outcomes on quality of care. A good and meaningful solution to the core question of this research paper is to let nurses to take their Accu-Chek findings and adjust their staffing ratios. Currently on the med-surg units, during the day shift the nurse patient ratio is 5:1 while the night shift nurse patient ratio is 6:1. Increasing the number of nurses will enable the nurses to obtain Accu-Chek readings more easily and effectively while at the same time increasing efficiency in the hospital. The newly hired nurses would undergo training on the use of Accu-Chek meters as is the requirement by both the manufacturing company and hospital policy. A closer look at the practice in today’s hospitals would give a general idea of current practice. For example, The State Hospital of Utah has a Nursing Policy and Procedure Manual that states that all it’s newly hired staff are to receive training on the use of Accu-chek (2005). This is a realistic intervention to the setting because it increases the total number of nurses available resulting in the nurses being in a better position to take their own Accu-Chek readings and institute any urgent action that may arise based on the readings obtained. The nurses currently stationed at the hospital can train the newly hired nurses on how to use the Accu-Chek meter. This would reduce the cost of implementing this intervention to the cost of hiring new nurses. But is the intervention consistent with the organizations culture and resources? The members of staff have a basic idea of EBS. The resources required to implement the intervention are minimal as only a few nurses would be hired. The nurses would educate the newly hired nurses on the use of the Accu-Chek meter. This would allow prompt

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