Monday, September 9, 2019

Introduction to Philosophy (not quite sure about what the title is) Essay

Introduction to Philosophy (not quite sure about what the title is) - Essay Example Nevertheless, can not you see that while doing so, you give up one of the previous aspects of your individuality, namely moral autonomy? Please consider this: if you believe that God gave you free will and He must want you to use it all the time, especially while making ethical decisions, but by sending this letters He practically deprives you of this ability. In other words, by commanding you He substitutes your will with His. It is quite obvious that in this situation you lose your value as an autonomous human being with independent reasoning! (2) - I see that you are a young and promising student of Philosophy, good for you, - he replied. - Nevertheless, I adhere to nihilistic views and would like to use this chance as I chase you to collect the sample of you blood to present my position. You see, I comply with what your Philosophy would call Expressivism. As you may guess from the very name, this approach towards morality puts emphasis on the action of expression rather than action of judgment. You see, ordinary people do not receive letters from God Himself think about the world in the categories of right and wrong, claiming that there is no other option. Contrary to that, I simply express my opinion about something, not necessarily claiming it to be good or bad. Let is consider the situation that we are having at the moment. You make taking samples of other people blood sound horrible! On the other hand, I retain a position that does not claim that it is good, I just note that it is necessary for my question, you know . You may be thinking that I am a crazy maniac who approves of killing people, but please refrain from such kind of thinking. It is my strongest belief that strict moral knowledge that you think you have is in fact impossible. Indeed, if one develops a broad understanding of the world, one will be able to see that it is not possible to gain any knowledge in the realm of Ethics which would

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