Saturday, June 22, 2019

Special Needs Students Accessing the General Education Curriculum Essay

Special Needs Students Accessing the General Education Curriculum - Essay ExampleThe special bring program encompasses the most efficient arrangements aimed at ensuring education standards of the senior highest order are accessed by these savants. These arrangements includes program line procedures that are special in nature, unique areas and scope of teaching as well as any other teaching resources that can be uniquely attributed driveed to execute this special program. The special needs entailed may be subsequent from certain bodily conditions, which includes being physically disenable, challenges in learning and problems related to communication among others (Karger, 2010). The special needs are identifiable if much(prenominal) aspects as medical history concerning a specific students special need and assessments as well as observable features as exposit by the teacher are put into consideration. As such, the factors result to the student with the special need to lack bo th the ability as well as the capacity to learn in traditional schools and therefore, it is necessary that the special program was established. These special need programs of education are usually customized such that each students need is catered for irrespective of the degree of the need (Karger, 2010). Thesis Statement The purpose of this paper is to access the benefits, the pitfalls as well as the challenges that a student with special needs face while accessing the general education set up. Benefits In most fortunes, these students are usually given a special amiable of training to facilitate the preparedness to civilian life, that is, life after school. Usually, civilian life does not encompass special programs to individuals who do not live a normal life (Koga &Tracey, 2010). As such, it is essential that the students with special needs to be offered a chance in the traditional education curriculum, which is inclusive. This will in stoop help them to learn methods by which they can facilitate their survival concerning the society, which is inclusive. It is held that every student regardless of having a disability of or not, must pass through with(predicate) formal education so that they can in future be able to live a sustained life, for themselves as well as for their families (Koga &Tracey, 2010). In addition, the presence of special needs students in the general education curriculum ensures that other students as well as the society learn to respect the disabled and therefore developing positive attitudes towards them. Such would not be if the students with special needs were put under an isolated learning program delivered through a special need facility. As such, they would be looked down upon and thereby undermining the potential of the special needs students. If there were interactions between the normal students and the students with special needs, then this case would not be. Both the special need and the normal students will at one point i n life come to meet, since they will not be isolated forever, and as such, the negative intrinsic attitude will continue its domination and hence unethical and unconstructive society (Vaughn & Fuchs, 2012). When a special need student is allowed to access the general education curriculum, then interactions will be inevitable. Consequently, the enthusiasm level in the students with special needs will be high and as a result, they will become motivated to put aside their inferiority complex due to their bodily states and develop a life incisively like the normal student

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