Monday, June 10, 2019

Social Role Exit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Social Role Exit - Essay ExampleI accepted a job at one of the popular fast food chains and got very attached to the job. However, I started getting most cues that were non so positive. I indicated to my co-workers that it was time to exit my role as a customer service representative just they tried to convince me to stay. I had some first doubts but it so happened that the recession resulted in lay offs and redundancies and so I was basically forced to leave. I was disappointed and started to seriously look for alternatives. I had started this process already but it had become real urgent. This job was central because it financed some of my basic needs food and clothes. My first doubts centered on pass on my independence. I sought some alternatives and weighed them to determine the pros and cons. I thought about how I would manage. I had taken on a different vitality ardor where each week I would have bought myself something, whether it was a piece of clothing or something of some significance. I have had some turning points in my life as I felt I had to do something different to catch-up with my former school-mates. My former co-workers hardly communicate with me. This created a vacuum in my life but I have gotten over it as I have managed to get some support from family members.

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