Sunday, February 23, 2020

Local Responsiveness Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Local Responsiveness Strategies - Essay Example That is not what has made a big name for the company, which started only as a local coffee bean roaster (Fabricant 1992) The stimulating culture of growth that is apparent in the organization is striking. During its early days, in the 1980’s the company had a habit of opening two stores every day (Ruth, 2007). The management of the company even tried to venture new markets such as the Midwest. Well, some of their prospects did not yield gain as expected, but the visionary strategies employed to achieve those goals directly and indirectly concern our question of the study. For instance using the global standardization strategy, the company can manage to stir local attraction from customers. This concept is usually developed through careful analysis of the status of the company in the global market versus the status that the company wished to be. Thus, it is a series of processes through value chain analysis to seek competitive advantage given the abilities of the company, Star bucks in this case. Findings would most likely show that sales and marketing was one key factor that needed to be addres sed in an effort to establish a powerful global presence for Star bucks. Another strategy that would be vital to Star bucks success in motivating local responsiveness is an effective transnational strategy. This implies that, through a firm organizational structure, a high level of co-operation and interdependence is established leading to a coordinated flow of activities especially the daily operations. It is important to note that the headquarters in Seattle is expected to serve as the vital link to the global interconnection (Fabricant 1992). The result of such a powerful strategy was a resultant domestic attraction thanks to initiatives such as advertising that appealed customers increasing sales. International strategies have also been incorporated into Star buck’s projects, with a view to

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