Thursday, November 21, 2019

America Needs A National Health Care System or Insurance Program Research Paper

America Needs A National Health Care System or Insurance Program - Research Paper Example Almost fifty million people lack health insurance, another one more million have problems in their payments, and they are deducted .Almost 45000 die each year for lack of treatment. The infant mortality rates and general death rates rise dangerously each year. This the main reason for the need for a national health care service. Americas lower life expectancy America has thus achieved lower life expectancy, it is evident because of unstable security because of use of lax gun and poor healthcare planning, the ranking of the American men is the lowest with 75.6years and their women 80.7 years, and many reports come from the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine. The major contributor to the lower lifespan in America is the lax gun rules (Lewis 83). The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school made the lax guns to cater for the blame. The many violent deaths that America experiences have led to the shorter life span in America. Another reason for the lowering of the lifesp an of Americans is the violent deaths that they experience. In every 100000 residents, the United States of America has six violent deaths. The report from the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine says that the united state should not ignore the deaths because they own a lot of money. According to researchers, America is the leading state in violent deaths. This may be because of ownership of guns by citizens. So many citizens own guns illegally. Despite the short lifespan caused by the violent deaths and lax guns security, the consumption of large amounts of calories by the Americans that causes diabetes and involvement in alcohol and many accidents also cause deaths. Consumption of many calories results to diabetes hence early deaths in the United States (Uradnik, Lori, and Sara 109). With the invention ARV’s, AIDS still shorten the lifespan of people, because ARV’S do not eliminate the disease, it just reduces. There are three major causes summed toge ther. This includes the health care system, bad behavior and social and economic factors. Results of American fragmented health care The keeping busy of the emergency rooms is a challenge that has taken long. A report has said that Americans that are un-insured, visit the hospital many times compared to the patients who are insured (Lewis 54). Out of the 354 million, only 42% doctors are there to attend to them, this concludes the fact that there is shortage of the doctors. Another study was in spite of having an increase in the use of MRI in the ER and CT. There is no any increase in the diagnosis of the life-threatening conditions. Doctors have reduced the use of hospitals by eliminating surgery, reducing high-priced diagnostic tests with no improving of the results, removing admissions for episodes that are a cute in chronic diseases and stopping the routine of using emergency rooms for primary care. Field argues that in the time when the admissions of patients will stabilize and the hospitals financed, the hospital must attain value of importance (Simmons 76). That will be time that the medical department will take its role to ensure the practice of provision of quality services, they will also locate niches where the hospital can also make savings and to work out ways in which virtual care is delivered. They would also invent organizations accountable for care and many more organizations that will help connect patients, payers, and the sponsors. It calls for

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